When Jesus Asks You to Go Into A Storm

When Jesus Asks You to Go Into a Storm

A few weeks ago, I listened to a sermon that dug into the marrow of my being. The sermon was about the storms of life that come up suddenly — like sudden squalls on a calm lake. The sermon made an impression on me not only because it was a compelling talk and gave a slightly […]

The Secret to Being Content in any Cirumstance

The Secret to Being Content in any Circumstance

“Mom, our playground is so small. It’s like a baby playground,” my daughter announced as I eased the minivan into the carpool line that snaked in front of her school. We had recently moved into a new community, and after only a month in her new first grade class, my daughter had been giving me […]

WHat It Means to Walk By Faith, not Sight

What It Means to Walk by Faith, Not Sight

Thomas is one of those characters in the Bible I never really connected with. His story I knew was one placed in the Bible to show me why I shouldn’t doubt, but I never saw myself as Thomas-like. Therefore, I didn’t know how much like Thomas I was until recently when I recalled his words to Jesus […]

A Christian Perspective_ When to Confront in a Relationship (1)

A Christian Perspective: When to Confront in a Relationship

Do you like confronting others? I certainly don’t. As a recovering people-pleaser and person who has worked hard to overcome an addiction to others’ approval, I have struggled to confront people or initiate hard conversations with the people in my life. My tactics most of the time have included avoiding the situation or the difficult […]


Avoiding a Place of Spiritual Stagnancy by Allowing God to Work on Us (Blessings of Brokenness Book Study)

In HGTV’s “Fixer Upper,” married couple Chip and Joanna Gaines take run-down houses and fix them up into beautiful, livable spaces. In each episode, the Gaines show a client three different properties (generally houses in need of repair) and then remodel the house to the client’s specifications within a specific budget. The condition of the […]

Dear Woman Who Feels Unwanted_ (2)

Self-Worth: The Question Every Woman Asks

The teenage girl stands in front of the vending machine, a frown on her face. She scans the snack selections uncertainly. Several minutes tick by. She is unaware that anyone is behind her. I am a few feet back and notice her thin shoulders. She has lost a bit of weight in the last year. […]

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How I Gave up My Need to Perform for Approval

For most of my life, I have been a people pleaser. Many times I have focused my day on winning the approval of others. I wanted to hear another person thank me for something I did or respond with praise over my effort. This desire for people to notice me began as a teenager. Both […]


Upcoming Book Study: The Blessings of Brokenness

Ever wonder why God has allowed hard times to come into your life? Even though you may not have enjoyed the trials or may be walking through them now, have you considered that God has a great blessing for you in the midst or aftermath of your brokenness? Friends, I would like to tell you about […]

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Dealing With the Challenges That Come With Change

Not long ago, I started a new job. Well, in truth, it’s not new, really. I just transferred to a new location. Same job, different building. Same job, different colleagues. Same job, different challenges. So, the same but different. Anyone else out there dealing with different right now? Change can bring tremendous blessing, but it […]

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Why We Shouldn’t Let Rejection Define Us

I was a classroom teacher in middle and high school for eleven years. A few years ago, I arrived early to my school’s faculty meeting. That was very unusual because while I enjoy being up in the morning, I’m usually not an on-time-in-the-morning kind of person. I was the very first one there, so I […]