When God Uses Our Trials to Teach Us: Part 2

Trials come in many shapes and sizes: a health problem that drags on, a relationship conflict that pops up when we least expect it, house repairs that exceed our savings, a business venture that fails despite our best efforts. Trials are a part of living in our fallen world. However, we can also go through […]


When God Uses Our Trials to Teach Us: Part 1

I pray over the topics I write about for each month, and I felt I needed to look further into “trials” for October, or the troubles and afflictions we face in life. I wasn’t sure what direction I should go with the subject, so I decided to start by looking up the definition of “trials” in a Bible dictionary […]


Making a Change to Receive God’s Promises

Confession time: Lately, I’ve fallen into a pattern of getting to church late. Each Sunday involves a similar sequence: I leave too many tasks to do in not enough time. With only minutes to go before we need to get out the door, I realize one of my kids still needs to be dressed, the […]


Finding Healing From Same-Sex Relationships

In the novel The Color Purple, the main character Celie develops an intimate relationship with another woman, Shug Avery. Though she is a married woman, her husband abuses her, so she seeks respite in the arms of a kind friend who pays attention to her. Though we might think this is the kind of scenario […]

christian approach to homosexuality

As Christians, How We Should View Homosexuality

A few years ago, after the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage as constitutional, I frequently saw the phrase “Love Wins” on social media and other media outlets. The meaning behind the words is that love between two individuals is the highest good that will always win out in the end. Such an ideology sounds good […]


Helping Others in the Midst of Your Pain

An ultrasound when you’re not pregnant has to be just about the saddest thing ever. That was my thought as I walked into my doctor’s office a week after a devastating miscarriage. I was scheduled for a follow-up ultrasound to check on me after a surgery at the hospital the week before. I could visualize it now: my empty uterus blown […]


Why We Need God’s Wisdom

When I was growing up, I never quite understood the Bible and decided it was archaic and boring. As a young person, when I did try to read the Scriptures — out of duty, mostly, and some curiosity — I pretty much stuck to Psalms and Proverbs. If I was feeling really adventurous, I might open a […]


When You Don’t Like the Way God Leads

Not too long ago, my family moved into a new community and transitioned from the church and home we had grown very comfortable in. I remember well the events that led up to this move. The school year was drawing to a close. My husband generally has a slew of coaching opportunities that are available […]


How Forgiveness Helped Bring Unity in My Marriage

“Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, ‘Lord how many times shall I forgive my brother when he sins against me? Up to seven times?’ Jesus answered, ‘I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times’ ” (Matthew 18:21, 22). Years ago, when I married I thought I would have a match made in heaven. I […]


Why It’s Hard to Forgive

I love a good hero or heroine, don’t you? One of my favorite heroines of all time would have to be Elizabeth Bennet from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. She is relatable, completely human, yet smart and charismatic. While Elizabeth shares the spotlight with her sister Jane in the book, as the two have parallel […]


How I Learned to Truly Forgive

Has God ever spoken to you in a dream? While some dreams have no meaning or make absolutely no sense — probably most of mine — I can recall a small handful of dreams in my lifetime that I felt were truly from God. I believe that one in particular was used to teach me […]


Embracing Small Moments of Ministry

As an English teacher, one of the core concepts I learned to teach was theme. It’s the author’s underlying message. It’s what he wants us to take away from a piece of literature. And one of those most common themes is that things are not always as they appear. They’re not as insignificant or even […]


Reacting to Rejection in a Healthy Way

“Why is she sitting here?” The question came hurling across the table like a comet at full-force from a boy with Ken Barbie-like blond locks. He had been in my fifth grade class, and we had exchanged notes during math lessons. But suddenly, just two years later, he pretended like he didn’t know me. He […]


How We Get Trapped in a Cycle of Rejection

Rejection is perhaps the deepest pain we can feel as humans. Years ago, before there were limitations on the kind of studies you do, they tested babies and the importance of human contact. In the study, one group of babies was fed and their basic needs attended to, but also held and nurtured. Another group […]


Healing Your Low Self-Worth and Wounds of Rejection

My husband teaches high school health, and in looking at a textbook of his, I came across the statement that people who suffer from low self-esteem should focus on the things they are good at and things that they like about themselves in order to boost their self-worth. Obviously, such a practice is positive in […]


Embracing Your Child’s Differences

Earlier this year, my older daughter was working on a submission for a PTA Reflections Contest at her school. Each year, the PTA holds a contest for different grade levels and encourages students to submit artwork, photography, and writing. My daughter, a budding artist at age 9, gets excited each year about the new piece […]


How to Better Love Your Spouse

I hesitate to compare marriage to football, but there are a multitude of meaningful parallels. Many people love the game because of the suspense. No two games are the same. No two marriages look the same either. My husband and I often talk about how some couples love to attend every event together. Where one […]